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WELCOME FRIENDS ! THAT'S YOU! CUSTOMERS WE ARE WELL ACQUAINTED WITH AND THE NEW WE HOPE TO MEET! YOU ARE OUR FRIENDS! We have a 5,000 sq ft shop and outdoor GARDEN AREA with a great assortment of GARDEN ACCENT'S........located in San Jose, CA in the old Burbank area. Come browse the sweet & sublime, vintage & trashy and unique & classic finds. We're at 481 S. Bascom Ave. in San Jose, CA. Our land line there is: 408-275-1129.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Options & Time Change

Have you stopped by to see us at NOT TOO SHABBY lately?? We've got lots of newness in store for you! A sister-shop so sweetly named SHABBY-ETTE is now open and located just behind us (call to check on OPEN days & hours). You've got to see it for yourself. Also, if time is just not on your side - what with work and the kids and enjoying life in this new season - well, NOT TOO SHABBY is now open until 7:00 p.m.! Further yet, if you're unable to make a trip, then let your fingers do the walking.... find us on CRAIGSLIST !! Do a search for NOT TOO SHABBY and dial us at 408-275-1129!

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